About Coldstream Solutions

Coldstream Solutions, is a multi-faceted K-9 services firm comprised of principals, each of whom offer numerous years of experience in law enforcement and private security. Coldstream Solutions was developed in an effort to provide high quality skilled Explosive Detection and Personal Protection Dogs to individuals, corporate clients and governments.

Headquarters in New York, Coldstream Solutions provides confidential services to a select client base focused on protection services of physical assets, executive protection and family members.

Our goals are to provide clients with comprehensive protection service thus enabling an atmosphere free of threat and safety. Although, resources continue to grow, Coldstream Solutions places a strong emphasis on hard work, client service, and innovation.

The firms disciplined institutional approach to K-9 detection management, and its experienced team of handlers and trainers continues to provide individuals and firms with the resources available within the K-9 explosive detection industry.

Underlying the depth and breadth of our personal acumen is an unswerving commitment to customer service. At Coldstream Solutions, we concentrate on providing distinguished professional management while building a long-lasting client relationship and instilling an atmosphere of safety.