Elite Training

Obtaining the best dogs is an important aspect of our training. Our dogs are individually selected with a focus on drive for physically demanding periods of work, genetics and an ability to work in various environments without fear of distraction. All our dogs are fully evaluated social demeanor, medically, and athletic trainability with strong hunt instincts.

Each of our explosive detection dog is trained on an identified list of explosive families designed for detection in the various odors used in home-made-explosives, and their affiliation to new threats and explosive mechanisms in existence. Our K-9 handlers work as teams with our dogs and receive monthly training sessions to maintain proficiency standards.

Today more than ever we live under the growing threat of domestic and foreign acts of terrorism. These acts of terrorism have become a reality in the daily world we live in. Individuals, organizations, corporate, public and government facilities are all common venues for bombings, active shooters and violence directed upon society. Law enforcement and private security needs across the globe have turned their efforts to combat acts of terrorism with highly trained explosive detection dogs. Combatting explosive devices through the use of specially trained detection dogs has proven to be effective in safely securing public venues and facilities.