Executive Protection Dogs

Executive Protection Dogs are obedient, social and family friendly. Each protection dog is extensively trained and responsive to commands both on and off leash. Socialization is extremely important to the well-being of the dog, family and the success of a dog owner’s long term commitment to a life in a happy home.

Executive protection dogs are selected based on your need, life style and purpose. Dogs are evaluated by our trainers and chosen to match our clients’ goals and overall concerns. Our dogs are extremely socialized and professionally trained. Each dog is trained in obedience and socialized to adjust into your home, family or business.

Client commitment is important to our training and re-certification of your dog. Follow up training sessions are recommended and important to maintaining the dogs skill set. No different than an athlete who trains for competition dogs also require additional training to keep their level of purpose at its highest level of performance. Maintenance/re-certification follow-up sessions are suggested every 6 months.

Executive Protection Dog are examined by our Veterinarian upon selection. X-rays of the dogs’ hips, elbows and spine are also taken. Our veterinarian again examines the dog upon the completion of training.

Please note our commitment to providing you with an Executive Protection Dog is based on an extensive interview of serious need. We will not train and provide dogs for status or for needs outside the concern for the protection of people, families, and clients.

The following criteria serves as an outline to help guide you in making your decision of purchasing a protection dog:

  • High profile individuals – celebrities, athletes, etc.
  • Business owners exposed to high risk
  • People at risk of kidnappings
  • Family protection
  • Estate Protection

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